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Thermal students celebrate Sixth Annual Memorial Day Tribute

White doves were released at the amphitheater of the school after students gathered around to listen to veterans and school staff talk about the importance of memorial day.
Major Daniel Hansel is in charge of the school’s cadet corps.
“It’s been a wonderful experience. A lot of work but, these kids are just fantastic,” said Hansel.

He said a lot of the students had no idea what memorial day was about; a day to remember those who have died serving our country.

“Mainly, I want them to try to figure out: what are they doing to pay these people back?
Are they studying hard? Are they working hard? Are they being respectful to everyone? because that’s what these soldiers and sailors and airmen want,” said Hansel.
Warrant Officer Paola Lopez joined the cadet corps this year.

“I never imagined myself being part of it and to be part of it, it’s an honor,” said Lopez.

She says she wants to continue the program through High School and one day join the U.S. Naval Academy.
“It feels like I’m a part of something that’s special to the country and I’m thankful for them for making this country how it is,” said Lopez.
At today’s celebration, the American flag was folded and later another flag was lowered at half-staff.
The associated student body, or A.S.B, also participated in the ceremony.
Lency Chaidez is A.S.B. President.

“Keep going and keep honoring these people that went to the war for our country,” said Chaidez.

Organizers said that they want the students to learn the value of freedom and never forget what the men and women who serve our country have done for us all.
“It’s very moving to me, it always is, and it’s great to see these young people getting involved,” said Hansel.

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