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Added tax on Coachella Fest and Stagecoach tickets topic of conversation

When rock, pop, and country music rings through the streets of Indio in the years to come, Indio city council member Sam Torres hopes the City of Festivals gets more money for it.
“Indio has always been a fundamental partner in this relationship. We just haven’t been getting paid for it,” Indio city council member Sam Torres said.
When Indio made its two-year contract with Goldenvoice, Torres asked the city and Goldenvoice to consider a six percent tax on tickets which would go to Indio. “From the council, it was not a very warm welcome,” Torres said.
At a six percent fee per ticket, Torres estimated the city would get about $4 million. Under the current contract, Indio gets $2.33 for every ticket. He estimates the city would get about $18.00 per ticket.
Indio mayor Glenn Miller says it’s not fair to just target one business.
“We need to look at it very hard, at all the facts and the reasons behind it. Who are we going to tax? Are we talking Little League, movie theaters, sports festivals?” Miller said.
Torres said an added ticket tax would raise the price to the consumer.
The mayor said he thinks Goldenvoice would absorb that tax, cutting into their bottom line. He fears if Goldenvoice doesn’t like the deal, they may leave Indio.
“There are places all over the Coachella Valley that have offered Goldenvoice opportunities to look into their area, unincorporated areas, I’ve heard of places in Palm Springs,” Miller said.
Or even worse, the powerhouse promoter may leave the valley.
“What we’re looking for is long term compensation for them to be able to stay in the city of Indio and prosper along with the city,” Miller said.
Torres is trying to get this issue on an upcoming city council meeting agenda, and hopefully on the November ballot.
Goldenvoice does cover a lot of the cost for Indio to host the festivals, such as police and road repairs.
Torres said if the council decides to not put the issue on the ballot, he is prepared to make a petition.

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