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Thousand Palms shooting leads to standoff

A two hour standoff in Thousand Palms on La Canada and Monte Vista ended with an alleged shooting suspect turning himself over to police.

It all started at 5:30, when police came to Via Pared and La Canada just a few blocks away, where there were shots fired.

When they got there, they saw evidence that a shooting did indeed occur. When they were scanning the area, they got information that there was a gunshot victim at the hospital who they believed it to be the victim of the shooting. That person had non life-threatening injuries.

At that point, there was a suspect, or suspects, on the loose, but as police were gathering information, they heard that the shooter was in a home on La Canada and Monte Vista.

Police did a surround and callout, yelling “come out with your hands in the air”. Finally, the man came out and he was detained.

Police went inside and fired less-lethal shots to keep pitbulls at bay — no animals were hurt, though.

Once inside, police didn’t find any more suspects or any other victims. Police believe the man in the home is responsible for the shooting.

KESQ News Team


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