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Local bar offers free sober rides

For many people, a night out on the town consists of at least a drink or two. Getting home after those drinks, though – especially when driving through DUI checkpoints – can lead to a problem or four.

“It’s become a huge problem. The misconception is that we (bar owners) don’t care, but we do care. We want them to get home safely,” Neil’s owner Jacqueline Leon-Babington said.

So, Neil’s launched its new “Don’t Drink and Drive” program. The bar now offers safe — and free – rides at the end of the night, and also to the bar at the start of your evening. The bar’s owner, Jacqueline Leon-Babington, said drinking and driving gets out of hand.

“Seeing so much going on with the DUIs and people unable to judge, or they had three glasses of wine before they came to us, where’s your limit kind of thing,” Leon-Babington said.

Simply pre-register in the bar at any time.

“We need their name and license number so we know who we’re taking and where we’re taking them to,” Leon-Babington said.

Jackie says it’s not a license to get drunk; it’s a license to get home safely.

Here’s what you need to know about Neil’s sober van:

The van will be available Sundays through Wednesdays from 10am-6pm, and Thursdays through Saturdays from 10am-2am. Boundaries are Interstate 10 to Ave. 52 and Jackson to Eisenhower, unless previously arranged.

Rides are free, but tips are appreciated.

To ensure this doesn’t make people feel they can drink excessively, the van won’t take anybody who is extremely drunk. Those people will have to cab it.

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