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Party headquarters help voters

With the presidential election just four months away, voters are bound to have some questions about candidates and platforms. Your party headquarters has the answers.

“We have the chance to meet people face to face, tell them what’s going on, explain the difference between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. A lot of them don’t know. We’re here to help get the information out,” Johnny Hildreth of the Republican Organizing Committee said.

The Democratic Headquarters in Cathedral City had a lot to celebrate.

“We are here to welcome OFA. We are welcoming OFA, Obama for America, to the headquarters they’re going to be using,” Elle Kurpiewski of the Democratic Headquarters said.

The Republican Headquarters in Rancho Mirage also serves as an outlet for voters.

“Right now we have nine cities that desperately need to know what’s going on,” Hildreth said.

At your party headquarters, you can find information over the next few months about candidates and their platforms.

“We are such a small little, area but we are an important area,” Hildreth said.

Though California is generally a very blue state, the desert has a strong republican presence, so both parties have good reason to be so fervently pursuing voters in the valley.

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