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2 days to November 4th election, candidate push for votes

The political campaigning season is coming to an end. The November 4th election is now just two days away and for the candidates running there’s a lot at stake.

One of the bigger races, the one between State Assemblyman Brian Nestande and Congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz. Nestande is looking to unseat the Congressman turning a currently blue district back to red.
Both hit the campaign trail hard this season from political signs, to various campaigning appearances, and numerous television ads.

“Well, it’s like any other typical campaign I think, you see ads that are rather derogatory and you see ads that are half way decent. So, you know, it’s a typical campaign from what I can tell,” said Cathedral City resident Greg Newton.

Today Assemblyman Nestade spent the day canvassing valley neighborhoods, while Congressman Ruiz took to the phones and encouraged voters to make sure their vote counts.

“I think it’s really important because if you don’t go out and vote then you can’t really complain. I hear all these people who you know are complaining about this and that and then I’ll say ‘well, did you vote?’ and they’ll say ‘No.'”

Mid-term elections, historically, have had lower voter turnouts. In Riverside County, roughly 60% of eligible voters are actually registered to vote. Of those, only a fifth came out to the polls in the June primary.

“Well, it’s our only option to have an opinion,” said Cathedral City resident Frank Anderson.

Voters will also get a say on several measures and propositions on the November 4th ballot. One of the more controversial ones is Proposition 1, a $7.5 billion water bond to help boost the state’s strained water system with new infrastructure such as pipelines and reservoirs. $475 million would also go to restoration projects such as the Salton Sea.

We found many had already voted and turned their ballot in by mail saying it’s a lot more convenient.

“I don’t have to wait to the very last minute and all the emails that are bombarded to me and all of this stuff. I just make up my mind and put it away,” said Cathedral City resident Anne-lyse Thomann.

Both republican and democratic supporters say they’re looking forward to Tuesday’s election and for their side to win. But some voters say they’re also ready for all of it to be over.

“It is too long and there is too much time for everybody to pick on everybody. I think it should be maybe 2 weeks and everybody goes and speaks what they believe,” Thomann said.

KESQ/CBS Local 2 will have complete on the air coverage on election night when the results come in. We’re also working with our network partners ABC, CBS, CNN, and FOX to cover the most important races across the country, and what they’ll mean for the balance of power in Washington.

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