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Congressman Ruiz reacts to GOP gains in Congress

The midterm election in President Obama’s words:

“Obviously Republicans had a good night,” said President Barack Obama of this year’s midterm election.

GOP candidates swept up seven seats in the Senate to seize the majority and in the House of Representatives, Republican control extends by at least 11 seats. It’s a gain that gives Republicans their largest majority since the 1940s.

“To those who voted, I hear you,” said President Obama. “To the two-thirds of you who did not vote, I hear you too.”

But while the Red party dominated the mid-term election across the nation, one of the few Blue candidates to emerge victorious was here in the valley.

Dr. Raul Ruiz, Democrat incumbent for the 36th congressional district- defeated Republican Assemblyman Brian Nestande.

“It was a very tough climate, but we were able to have a very strong start and it carried through,” Dr. Ruiz said.

Ruiz said his strategy in the house won’t be deterred by voters swinging to the right.

“It’s very simple, and it’s the focus that I take as a physician, you put the people first. You put their interests above all interests including your own and that’s how we get things done,” Dr. Ruiz said.

Ruiz said leading the charge on two bills (dealing with veterans affairs and health care) signed into law during his freshman term in office, is a sign bi-partisan legislature can be accomplished despite being part of the house minority.

He plans to continue pushing for what his constituents need most.

“The people in the district are hungry for people who put people before partisanship,” Dr. Ruiz said. “And solutions above ideology, and that’s what gets results here and it showed in the polls.”

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