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Pride parade culminates pride weekend festivities

The annual Pride Parade, which took place on Palm Canyon Drive in downtown Palm Springs this year, culminated this weekend’s pride festivities.

The parade, filled with lots of color, music, and dancing, drew thousands of people to watch and celebrate the LGBT community.

“I think it’s great. I think there’s a lot of people out here supporting everyone. It gets the community together,” said La Quinta resident Daniel Serrato who attended the event.

The 2 hour parade had more than 150 entries this year and included, cheerleaders, drag queens, a dance club on wheels, and rainbows, the worldwide symbol of gay pride.

“You know just people being happy on the street and dancing and whatnot,” said Sharon, who drove out from Hemet for the parade.

Organizers expected more than 20,000 people to come out for the two day event. This year’s theme “I am Pride: Stonewall 45” – honored a pro-gay rights demonstration in New York in 1969.
The event seen as one of the biggest movements in modern history in the fight for same sex equality.

“I think for the people that were there in Stonewall and opened the road for everyone else to come, you know hats off to them, bravo, you did an amazing job,” said Serrato.

However, many believe there’s still a long road ahead for the LGBT community. More recently in the fight for same-sex marriage.

“Back in the 80’s, I thought ‘Oh, wow in the year 2000, it’s not going to matter, there’s going to be no biased and you know it’s going to be part of the world,’ but, it’s still a struggle for many gay people,” Sharon said.

Still, the LGBT community is thankful for those who have helped raise awareness and acceptance, especially here in the desert with events like pride weekend.

“I think it’s amazing, you know, that it’s growing every year, it’s getting more and more support,” Serrato said.

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