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Early rush for holiday shoppers

Holiday decorations are going up around the valley and that means its time for holiday shopping But, some think it’s too early and aren’t ready for the holiday shopping push.

“It’s certainly an earlier start than our industry has ever seen,” said Patrick Klein, General Manager of Westfield in Palm Desert.

Some shoppers like Nancy Schechtman think it’s too soon.

“The excitement is gone when it stretches out over such a long period of time,” she said.

Others like Howard Jackson welcome it.

“It put us in a festive mood with Thanksgiving coming no it’s alright it’s fine,” he said. “I like it.”

It’s something retailers definitely don’t mind.

“It allows them to get greater exposure to the customer or let them know what their promotions are going to be not only for the given day but what the promotional offers will be going forward for that holiday season,” explained Klein.

The main holiday display at Westfield will be up by November 14 and mall officials say this is the same time it goes up every year.

“We typically right after halloween go straight into holiday setup and you’ll notice that whether it be in the mall interior of the anchor stores as well,” added Klein.

Black Friday will also arrive early this year as many stores will be open on Thanksgiving — or as it’s known now ‘Grey Thursday.’

“It’s a very short period of time and we need to embrace it and it’s not only good for the customer the individual but it’s good for big business and small business as well,” Klein concluded.

Westfield in Palm Desert will open earlier than ever before at 6 pm on this ‘Grey Thursday.’ Stores will then have the option to close at midnight and reopen Friday morning for Black Friday — or stay open the entire time.

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