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Palm Desert woman accepts Medal of Honor for Civil War relative

“I was the closest living relative to the line, so it was very interesting to be in that position, suddenly.”

Interesting, and an incredible honor. Palm Desert resident Helen Loring Ensign met with the President of the United States to receive the Medal of Honor. The medal being awarded to her relative, First Lieutenant Alonzo H. Cushing.

Ensign is technicallyCushing’s first cousin,”just a couple generations removed”said Ensign with a smile.

A historian in Wisconsin reached out to Cushing’s family about awarding him the medal. Cushing fought in several battle’s during the Civil War. During the Battle of Gettysburg, the decisivebattle of the war, Cushing gave his life for the country he loved.

Cushing’s actions, and heroism have become legend among Ensign’s family.”All of us were taken to West Point to see his grave if we were anywhere near on the East Coast so we could be there,” says Ensign,”it was something the family has been very proud of to be related to him all these years.”

As for receiving the medal and meeting the President, Ensign says”He was very very gracious, at first he met us privately, he wasextremelycordial and happy to know that we were related to this fine man and that this honor was now going to be given to him.”

And as for the medal itself,”it’s not going to be kept just at my house,” said Ensign.”It’s going to go to militaryacademies, or places where many people can see it.”

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