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New RangeMinder keeps you and your kitchen safe

Cooking is the number one cause of household fires and fire injuries. Every year, an average of 150,000 household fires start in the kitchen. Vincent Sellecchia of Desert Hot Springs created a product to change that statistic.

“It’s very user friendly,” he said. “It doesn’t scare you it has a ramp up sound. It’s a great product we’ve though of everything.”

Sellecchia partnered with Canadian based Pioneering Technology to create the RangeMinder.

“You don’t have to remember to do anything, set anything,” he explained. “It’s all in the brain of the stove knob.”

The inspiration behind this potentially life saving product — his mother.

“She was watching Oprah… and she would get startled and remember that’s right I’m cooking so it was awesome,” said Sellecchia. “I knew it was going to work from that time on.”

The RangeMinder measures the strength of the flame and beeps accordingly as a reminder. The volume of the beep will get increasingly louder so one can hear it from far away.

“It’s like somebody watching your stove for you,” explained Sellecchia. “It minds your stove that’s why we call it the Range Minder.”

The product retails for just under 170 dollars and works on most gas and electric stoves.

“I just want people to know there’s a remedy now,” Sellecchia concluded.

Click here to visit the RangeMinder website or purchase the product.

KESQ News Team


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