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Neighbors on edge after armed robbery in Palm Desert

A south Palm Desert neighborhood on edge tonight after hearing about the home invasion robbery that happened on the 73400 block of Shadow Mountain Drive around 7 p.m.

Police say two men, wearing all black clothing and masks, forced their way into a home while the owner was inside. The suspects threatened the victim with a gun and stole property, before fleeing in a white truck. The homeowner was not hurt.

“That is very unsettling because this is a very quiet area,” said Jeff McCartney, who lives across the street and saw the police activity Thursday night.

Police have no leads and are asking for people with any additional information to come forward.

Meanwhile, neighbors we met say they’re frustrated they didn’t hear about the break-in from authorities or their home owner’s association.

“I’m concerned about it of course, I wish they would have said something to us,” said Noel Hershfield, who lives near the burglarized home.

“It makes sure that we lock everything up before we leave,” McCartney said.

Police are warning people to remain vigilant when they’re home, especially alone and at night. These are the five tips they recommend:

1. Lock all your doors windows and garages at all times
2. Use the front door peep hole before opening it
3. Use you porch light during the nighttime hours so you can see outside
4. Never open the door to strangers or solicitors
5. Alert your neighbors of suspicious activity.

They also caution people to be aware at shopping centers and parking lots during the busy holiday season, a time when police say there’s a rise in these types of crimes.

“Be mindful of your surroundings also pay attention if anyone is following you. And just make sure you’re with someone if you can. And let someone know where you’re going and who you are going with,” said Deputy Armando Munoz, spokesman for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, which is investigating the break-in.
Investigators from the Palm Desert Police Department responded have assumed the investigation and are encouraging anyone with information regarding this crime to contact Investigator White at the Palm Desert Sheriff’s Station at 760-863-1676.

More tips from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department:
Lock all doors, windows, and garages at all times
Use the front door peephole before opening
Use your porch light during nighttime hours to help see clearly outside
Never rely on a chain-latch as a barrier to partially open the front door
Never open the door to strangers or solicitors
Alert your neighbors to suspicious solicitors
Hold a family meeting to discuss a home security plan
Set the home perimeter alarm at night, if you have one
Always report suspicious activity
When enjoying a day of shopping during the holiday season, be mindful of your surroundings while walking to your vehicle in any public or private parking area

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