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Crowdfunding page deleted after man is busted with bogus photos

On Friday we told you the story of Kevin Fish, an Iraq war veteran who says he was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2012.

Fish was looking to raise money on crowdfunding site GoFundMe for what he said would have been his final trip with his family to his native Louisiana before he died.

KESQ found out the picture Kevin Fish had on the site of an x-ray of a person with bone cancer was identical to one published in a medical journal in 2007.

When asked about this, Fish claims that the photo was taken by his cell phone at the doctors office, and he was told by the doctor that it was an image of his MRI.

“I’m telling you what happened, as God as my witness,” says Fish, “I was in the office, he put this up on there, after I sat in an MRI box for 30 minutes taking pictures of my body,” says Fish.

Fish claims the doctor must have mistakenly put up the photo from the medical journal instead of his MRI.

During the interview at Fish’s residence, he was unable to show any documentation or any proof at all that he was battling cancer for the past two years.

In the course of our interview, Fish had taken down the GoFundMe page which had already received $1650 in donations.

But Fish can still get the cash. GoFundMe states: “GoFundMe does not actually handle any of the funds. All donations are processed by our payment partners, and are kept in a separate payment account accessible only to the campaign organizer. So, if an organizer decides to remove their GoFundMe campaign, they still have the ability to access the funds in their payment account afterward.”

“It’s going to sound terrible but I hope he has cancer,” says Senior Pastor Wes Wilson with Sword of the Lord. Fish attends the church and has told them he was suffering from the disease. Members of the church may have made donations on the site.

“I hope he really is sick. I hope the deception doesn’t go so far and it doesn’t go so deep that he doesn’t have cancer at all,” says Wilson.

“Our council to him was that if he needs to come clean, then he needs to come clean, he needs to return every cent of donation money given to him,” says Wilson.

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