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Outsmart holiday season traffic with popular app Waze

Holiday travel and season in the desert mean traffic.

“It becomes a challenges at times,” saidMichaeleen Prest of Palm Desert.

Over 50 million drivers use the smartphone app Waze to navigate around gridlock. Users can report accidents, construction and roadblocks to help others avoid them.

“Our maps are changing every three minutes and so we will constantly have the best information and the most real time information about what’s happening on the road and that’s all thanks to drivers like you,” said Julie Mossler of Waze.

Mossler said the app’s goal is to get drivers to their destination as fast and as safely as possible.

“You always want to make sure, especially in dangerous weather conditions or when there are a lot of cars on the road, that you’re aware of things like an object in the middle of the road or a car that’s pulled over,” added Mossler.

People we talked to say the app can be especially useful in the desert during the season.

“I think people just become comfortable with Highway 111 or Fred Waring and if I can maneuver around to avoid that and just allow them to enjoy their ride,” said Prest.

“If you want to be efficient with your time as everyone does than you definitely want to be using Waze,” said Robert Bailey of Palm Springs.

And, say if you haven’t tried it yet…

“You should get it immediately,” said Frances Horwich of Rancho Mirage.”It’s free. It costs you nothing and the first time you use it you’ll be hooked.”

You can also access the app on and under the ‘weather’ section.

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