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Man caught on camera stealing RC car from hobby store

A man recently stole a remote controlled car from Uncle Don’s Hobbies in Palm Desert. Employees said the theft cost the store a big chunk of its profit that day.

A surveillance camera caught the thief in the act, now employees have posted the video, hoping that someone may recognize the suspect.

Watch the surveillance video (Theft occurs at end of video)

The theft happened on Saturday, November 29, at about 5:45 p.m.

The man, seen talking on a cell phone, is looking around at items while an employee is helping a customer. At the very end of the video, the man picks up the box containing the RC car and walks out of the store.

According to Uncle Don’s Hobbies’ Facebook page, if the man gets arrested and the store gets its car back, management is ‘going to reward the person that helps very well’.

Uncle Don’s Hobbies is located at 44250 Town Center Way. If you recognize the man in the video, call police to report the information.

KESQ News Team


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