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People in Palm Springs pleased with precipitation

Many people in downtown Palm Spring say they love the rain and are hoping for more.

“I’m loving the weather. It’s a little bit rainy but for us down here in the desert it’s a fantastic change it’s a nice switch from the constant sunshine we get all year,” says Bill Geiser of Palm Springs.

“It’s the first part of December now and I can still wear t-shirts and still enjoy a nice cloudy rainy day,” says Geiser.

Many people were walking around in the rain in nothing but shirts, shorts, and sandals.

With the entire state in a drought this set of storms in only a drop in the bucket, but residents are happy to be getting some relief.

“Hopefully we get a lot of rain, that’s what we need,” say Palm Springs resident Mike Miller. “That’s the only way out of a drought,” says Miller.

KESQ News Team


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