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California coyote killing contests face ban

Organized coyote hunts that award prizes to the top marksman have sparked a culture clash in California.

The state’s Fish and Game Commission on Wednesday will wade into the debate and consider changing hunting regulations, banning the sporting contests held throughout California that award up to $500 or other prizes to the top marksman.

Camilla Fox of Project Coyote, which petitioned the state to end coyote hunts for prizes, says the cruel events are immoral, reprehensible and should become a chapter in California’s history. California’s would be the first such ban.

Hunters such as 32-year-old Curtis Wright says there’s no shortage of coyotes, and doesn’t understand the logic to ending the sport.

He says it’s not about the money but getting out in the field and friendly contests among other hunters.

KESQ News Team


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