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Major roads in and out of Palm Springs remain closed Thursday morning


STILL CLOSEDare the mainthoroughfaresofGene Autry Trail,Vista Chino, andIndian Canyon Drivethrough the White Water wash.

Motorists canuse Ramon Road,Highway 111orDinah Shore Drive as alternate routesto travel in and out of Palm Springs.

Palm Springs Police had no estimate for reopening flooded roadways.

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Palm Springs roadways flooded with brake lights, U-turns and frustrated drivers.

“Just roads closed everywhere,” said Tracy Jarvis, who is visiting Palm Springs.

“It triples and quadruples the traffic on Landau and Ramon,” said Duane Cox, who lives in Palm Springs.

Roads remained closed into the night, putting a damper on commutes. Traffic jams filled up Gene Autry Trail, Dinah Shore and Ramon.

Cox lives on Vista Chino and works at the airport, a drive that normally takes him five minutes.

“Now it takes me 30, and this morning it took me 45,” Cox said.

The slick conditions, oil mixed with rain on the streets, caused multiple car accidents throughout the west valley. One sedan lost control and crashed near the IHOP on North Indian Canyon and Ramon.

“Every time it rains, pretty much this is what you get,” Jarvis said.

Those who live here and deal with this every time it rains say the city needs to do something to improve infrastructure to prevent flooding.

“They’re going to have to come up with the money to fix this because it’s more wear and tear on Landau, and accidents,” Cox said.

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