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2nd night of Berkeley protests turn violent again

Raucous demonstrations hit Berkeley’s streets for a second straight night as protesters angered by police killings in Missouri and New York clashed with officers, vandalized businesses and even fought with each other.

Media reports said at least eight people have been arrested.

Officials said the protest began peacefully on the UC Berkeley campus but eventually grew rowdy and spilled into Oakland. Activists made their way onto a freeway and blocked traffic.

CHP officers fired tear gas after protesters targeted them with rocks and bottles and tried to light a patrol vehicle on fire. Police also said explosives were thrown at officers, but there was no information immediately available on how potent they were.

Officers chased protesters off the roadway.

There was no immediate word of any serious injuries. During the protests a day earlier, three police officers and a technician were hurt and six people were arrested when the protest turned unruly.

KESQ News Team


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