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Tipover accidents still a serious problem

Tipover accidents remain a serious problem. This holiday season people should be extra cautious about new household additions. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says one child dies every two weeks when they pull down furniture or TVs — and it happens right here in the Coachella Valley, too.

“Years ago when my son was little it did happen to him so I know it is possible and it does happen,” said Brian Mittelstaedt of Palm Desert. “He didn’t really get hurt but it could have been worse.”

Furniture and TV tipovers send nearly 22,000 children to the emergency room every year. Since the year 2000, 360 children have died as a result of tipover accidents.

“I wouldn’t think that that many children are dying that way I’d think people would be a little more cautious,” said Jessica Silva of Palm Desert.

This statistic surprised the new mom.

“It’s kind of making me more aware of things that I need to take a look at in my own house now because like I said she’s four months old so really I haven’t done 100 percent baby proofing or anything yet,” explained Silva.

There’s a cheap and easy way to protect your children. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends securing TVs and furniture with special hooks.

“There’s so many things that can happen with a child you have to be aware of all the hazards and this is certainly one of them,” added Mittelstaedt. “Things falling over on a child.”

“It makes me feel just more cautious, more aware and like I need to look at my environment and see what changes can be made to make it a little more safer for her,” concluded Silva.

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