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‘Birds of the Austrailian Outback’ set to land at The Living Desert

Some colorful, social Australian birds are set to return to The Living Desert at the end of the year. President & CEO Allen Monroe said it’s not your typical exhibit and it provides an interactive experience for guests.

The Budgies, short for Budgerigar, is a type of parakeet weighing about an ounce each with a long tail and feathered with shades of blue, green, white and yellow, according to The Living Desert’s release. The Budgies will be back on display starting December 26.

The ‘Birds of the Australian Outback’ features a self-contained outdoor aviary specially constructed for the exhibit of more than 300 colorful and personable birds. Monroe said guests are allowed to go inside, walk amongst the adorable budgies and even feed the birds with seed sticks.

“You are in the Budgies environment and get to interact with the birds as they are in free flight all around you,” said Monroe. “We are thrilled to have them back again for the enjoyment of our members and guests.”

The zoo’s release said Budgies are found wild throughout the drier parts of Australia and are known for their familiar fast chirp or ‘chatter’.

It will cost non-members $2 to enter the Birds of the Australian Outback exhibit, and $1 for members. The price of admission includes one seed stick. Additional seed sticks will be available for purchase as well.

The exhibit will be remain open January through April from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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