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Neighbors upset drivers race through construction zone signs, apartment complex

“You can’t come through here,” that’s what Marisol Gaeta tells drivers trying to get past orange cones and road closed signs at the Casa Maria Apartments in Coachella.

The road is closed because of construction on a new bridge off Ave. 52 and Tyler St.

Gaeta, a resident at Casa Maria, said the construction is not the problem. It’s the drivers.

“They’re running over the cones and dragging the cones with them. They’re getting off and moving the cones,” Gaeta said.

She said they also run up and over the sidewalk and race through the apartment complex.

“It’s frustrating and it’s scary. Our kids can’t play outside. Cars go in excessive speeds.”

All she wants are heavier items, such as concrete barricades, to be set up so people can’t move them. Gaeta called Granite Construction, but nothing happened. So, we called the construction company to see if concrete barricades are an option and if anything more could be done.

A spokesperson said the request is unreasonable and cones are the best temporary fix. However, shortly after our talk, the company set up more cones.

“Half of those cones were put up today. At least there’s half more cones and a large extra sign,” said Gaeta.

“I’m very grateful you guys responded to my request through Facebook about this problem because I was not getting anywhere with the job supervisor. He just shut me out and said there’s nothing else I can do.”

Gaeta’s got a message for drivers.

“It’s closed. It’s not a drive through street. It’s a community and they need to go around,” she said.

If you’re caught, the sheriff’s department said you could steer yourself right into a hefty fine.

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