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Winter storm brings several more inches of snow to Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

The Tram received several more inches of snow overnight, bringing the total snowfall on the mountain this month to 10 inches.

By just looking at the San Jacinto mountains from the desert floor Wednesday morning, one wouldn’t have guessed just how different the view looked from the top.

“It’s like in an airplane flying across the U.S. because you have this blanket of clouds, it’s just so beautiful,” said Greg Purdy, Palm Springs Aerial Tramway Public Affairs Manager.

The sun was shining bright, the air fresh and crisp, and snow covering the mountain ground and trees. William Cedillos, who just returned to Twentynine Palms from Germany after several years, took his mother to experience the tram for the first time in the winter.

“I heard there was snow up here, so I brought her up here cause it’s her first time,” Cedillo said.

“Very happy,” said Cedillo’s mother, “Yeah, good time,” she added.

During the latest winter storm, the tram picked up 2 inches of fresh snow. Tram crews spent the morning shoveling away the snow making sure the trails were clear for people to walk around.

“We’re very happy, our patrons are ecstatic because they’re finally getting to come up, bring their kids and family and particularly at Christmas time,” Purdy said.

And, it wasn’t just locals taking the 11 minute ride to the wintry haven. A family visiting from the Philippines rode up to the tram to experience the snow for the very first time.

“It’s very cold. I saw the movie Frozen, it reminds me of that movie, you want me to sing the??… I’m just kidding!” said Gani Cabuay as he watched his kids build a snowman.

He says in the Philippines it’s actually 100 degrees, even though it is winter. Despite not being used to the bitter 30 degree weather, the family braved it to enjoy a picnic in the snow, followed by some sledding.

Jean Rojek a volunteer for 15 years patrols the trails and enjoys everytime the tram gets some fresh powder.

“It’s enjoyable, fresh air, and I love the mountains,” he said.

Whatever it was people decided to do on the mountain, it was definitely with excitement and a smile on their face.

“It’s a beautiful terrain and stuff, so we love it,” Noel Santoyo who visited the Tram from Los Angeles.

KESQ News Team


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