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People jaywalk despite deadly accidents

Jaywalking can be deadly, not using the crosswalk is a risk that a number of people here in the Valley seem to take. Two local accidents this month, one of them deadly. were both jaywalkers, hit by cars.

Thursday we set up a cameras at two intersections where accidents happened.

“We have unfortunately seen an increase in the last week or two in pedestrian vehicle accidents and this could be due to several reasons part of which it is the time of year where there is an increased amount of pedestrian and vehicle traffic and the likely hood of accidents occurring does go up,” said Palm Springs Police Sargent Harvey Reed.

Our camera caught about a dozen people within about hour jaywalking, many of them crossing Ramon Road near Sunrise Way.

We asked one,”Did you know that you can get hit by a car people have died, doing that?”

“Not if you are careful,” said the man who only wanted to be identified as Robert. “You have to wait so long at the green light.”

We asked if he knew jaywalking was against the law, “Maybe, yes, possibly,” said Robert.

In 2014 Palm Springs Police wrote 22 tickets, Indio wrote 63. Even still Indio Police responded to over 30 pedestrian verses vehicle accidents this year.

“The cars are not going to stop for you and I am using a cane, and I’m really slow and it’s the safest thing to do, there is a reason why these things are here,” said Palm Springs resident AJ Almario.

In Cathedral City on Date Palm, our camera spotted several people get off the bus then cross right into traffic

“I wouldn’t do that especially with kids because there is a lot of drivers that don’t even pay attention to people crossing the street, it’s really unsafe on these street,” said bus rider Monica Lopez.

One of the biggest complaints we’ve heard from jaywalkers is that it simply takes too long to go to the crosswalk and wait for the light. So how much longer does it really take?

The light changed for us in less than a minute, but walking to the crosswalk and back does take a few more few minutes, though it’s time Lopez says she doesn’t mind spending.

“There has been a couple of hit and runs here, there is plenty to use my niece was killed in 2007. I wouldn’t want to see anybody hurt like that, I don’t understand why they don’t use it,” said Lopez.

The city of Palm Springs is looking at adding a safer place to cross for residents near the Ralph’s shopping center off Ramon and Sunrise, but in the meantime police say ultimately it’s up to everyone to follow the law

KESQ News Team


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