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Remember your pets in cold desert temps

It’s important to remember our pets when the mercury dips.

The Coachella Valley rarely gets temperatures below freezing, but we’ll be entering the New Year in frigid temps.

Veterinary technician Emily Huffman says it’s likely your pet will not need much cold-weather wear, unless they are extremely short-haired or hairless. A harness or vest is adequate. Booties are likely not necessary.

“If you’re in a place where it happens to snow, you can think about booties, but somehwere like the desert where it’s mainly raining, I wouldn’t worry too much about the pads,” Huffman says, “That’s more of a concern in the hotter time.”

If you must keep your pet outside, they need proper shelter.

“Make sure they have housing with bedding inside,” Huffman explains. “It would be optimal if they could stay inside unless they relieve themselves or exercise.”

Cats don’t need as much attention as their four-legged counterparts, Huffman says, “Cats are resilient, they are usually okay, as long as they have somewhere to get away.”

Outdoor cats often hide under a car hood for warmth, so if you notice cats in your area, it may be best to tap the hood of your car before starting it to avoid a bad situation.

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