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Snowfall in Yucca Valley melting fast, quenching parched desert

Drivers had to deal with some slick roads Tuesday night, but the snow in Yucca Valley started to disappear quickly in the sunlight.

“I was stuck in it last night at 8 o’clock. It was snowing like crazy over here at 8 o’clock last night. It’s cool unless you are stuck in it,” says Jimmy Montgomery who was heading to work late this morning.

“We’re loving the snow it’s really exciting. We came home last night and the Joshua Trees were covered and the dogs were having a great time,” says Shelly Strong.

“It’s cool we’re both born and raised in Alaska so for us it feels like home,” says Kye Klamser.

The melting snowfall should be good for local wildlife, which has been parched by the drought.

“I think it helps the desert it really soaks in well and all of our animals and all of our trees are just going to be beautiful we’re going to have a fabulous spring,” says Wanda Stadum, President and CEO of the Yucca Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Business owners are hoping the snow will bring in more tourists to see Joshua Tree National Park.

“With the big rocks and the boulders out there to see them snow caped with snow on them it’s quite a spectacular view,” says Stadum.

You might want to hurry though. With sunny skies and rising temperatures the snow won’t last long.

KESQ News Team


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