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Peak flu season arrives later in valley

Flu season is in full force across the United States. It is especially bad in some states, but that is not yet the case in California.

According to Dr. Russell Grant, Medical Director of Eisenhower Urgent Care, the flu peaks from late November through April.

“It generally does start on the east coast where it’s colder and then it gradually moves across the country,” said Grant.

That explains why the Coachella Valley doesn’t experience peak flu season until January and February.

“As we get more visitors though from other parts of the country we do see a peak in our flu volumes,” explained Grant.

He also said he sees an increase in respiratory infections in December, which often have similar but less severe symptoms than the flu.

According to Grant, the best way to prevent the flu is to get a flu shot even though it does not cover all strains of the flu.

“If you get the vaccine and you do end up getting the influenza the severity of your illness is usually less,” added Grant.

Grant does not suspect this flu season will be worse than usual. However, it is still too early to tell. Regardless, he recommends individuals take measure to prevent the flu.

“Stay away from large crowds, stay away from other sick people,” concluded Grant. “If you do get respiratory symptoms yourself make sure you throw your kleenex away, and wash your hands frequently and thoroughly.”

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