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Coachella Valley restaurants serving foie gras again

On menus across the state and in the Coachella Valley, you’ll see foie gras is back.

At Le Vallauris and Zin American Bistro in Palm Springs, the French delicacy can now be enjoyed once again, that’s because a federal judge lifted the statewide ban on foie gras.

“It is back and I think it’s back with a vengeance. We’ve missed it,” said Le Vallauris general manager Tony Bruggemans.

“We ordered the foie gras ravioli and the foie gras appetizer. We’re just so happy it’s back,” said Marilyn Severson, Palm Springs resident.

State lawmakers first banned it two years ago to stop farmers from using tubes to force feed ducks and geese and restaurants from selling the dish.

Animal rights activists call it cruel, some protested restaurants in Los Angeles.

Bruggemans said there’s been no controversy at his restaurant, just fans dining out to taste the hot seller.

“Our clients have been asking for it all the time and now we can tell clients we have it,” said Bruggemans.

It’s still illegal to produce foie gras in California, much of it comes from farms in Canada and New York. So what makes it so special?

“It’s heaven, you take a bite and the taste is unique and it’s very silky,” said Severson.

Executive Chef Jean Paul Lair is happy to prepare and serve it.

“There is nothing to compare with foie gras. It’s one of the unique things like oysters, lobster or caviar,” said Lair.

“We had it last night. We had it today and maybe tonight,” said Severson.

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