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Desert Hot Springs marches to honor Martin Luther King Jr.

People in Desert Hot Springs marched to celebrate the message of acceptance and peace taught by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday morning. News Channel 3 and CBS Local 2 reporter Samantha Cortese was at the march, where people said it’s time to practice what we preach.

The march began at the Desert Hot Springs Police Department at 10 a.m. and concluded at the First Community Baptist Church.

More than 350 people walked arm in arm through Desert Hot Springs, standing for peace and unity in a walk to remember the civil rights leader.

“We need to be integrated to the point where we care and love one another,” said Desert Hot Springs Mayor Adam Sanchez, who helped organize the walk. “We can accomplish things if we stay united and peaceful in our process.”

Other residents joined Mayor Sanchez, saying it’s time to turn Desert Hot Springs around.

“They said that there’s nothing good that can come out of Desert Hot Springs. But they’re wrong. You’re here. Your voice counts,” said Rev. Dr. Tahlib McMicheaux with the First Community Baptist Church.

“There’s a lot of positive stuff going around. A lot of really great, community building things, and I’m really proud to see what they’re doing with Desert Hot Springs,” said Krystle Vega, who joined in Monday’s walk.

Former mayor Alex Baez returned to the city, surprised to see citizens coming together in abundance.

“In essence, we are all brothers and sisters. And to exercise that, you have to show the love even when brothers and sisters are not showing the appropriate respect,” Baez said.

The walk became a platform for other social issues, like cartel awareness, Occupy Coachella, the conflict in Syria and pollution.

At First Community Baptist Church, people ended the walk in prayer, something Dr. King would often do as well.

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