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Phase-1 of $100M project complete at Indio High School

Students returned to Indio High School after winter break to a very different campus.

Rudy Ramirez has walked the halls of Indio High School as principal for 23 years. On Tuesday, he spoke to News Channel 3 and CBS Local 2 from the halls that now look much different.

“Seeing the pillars go up, seeing the dry wall go up, and seeing the color go up — it’s very exciting, you can see I’m a little excited,” Principal Ramirez said.

You can see why on Avenue 46 between Clinton Street and Rajah Way, now that phase one of a $100M project is complete.

A new administration building is open, so is the gym, the weigh room, dance room and wrestling room, and soon the Performing Arts Center will be open as well.

Ramirez calls it an architecturally unique school — one that looks more like a university.

“I was walking with a group of students and they said, ‘I want to go to college’, and I opened up our lecture hall and said, ‘this is what it’s going to look like,” Ramirez said.

Senior student Francisco Jauregui said, “I think everything is beautiful. Indio High School kids, we are really grateful of this and the whole community and hopefully this will help us build as a better school to help future generations.”

All buildings coordinate with the school colors, Rajah red and blue. The bleachers in the gym read I.H.S. and there’s school pride at every turn.

Teacher and advisor Aimee Druyon said it’s been there all along.

“My dad is a graduate of Indio High School as well as myself and other family members. The Rajah spirit and sense of community that we all share with one another is what ties us all together even though the campus has changed,” Druyon said.

Phase two will be completed with more classrooms and a quad in 2017.

You can tour the campus on Saturday, January 24 at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. during the Indio High School Open House.

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