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Indio deli ranks #4 in the country on Yelp rating

To build a good sandwich, a voted number four in the country by Yelp kind of sandwich, you need a good foundation.

“It started when I was five in Rancho Mirage in 1994 my two brother and I wanted to raise money for Christmas. We sold cookie dough door to door,” co-founder of TKB Bakery and Deli, Melina Sippel, said.

Siblings Brandon, Melina and Nathan Sippel started with cookie dough and then came experiments with sauces, meats, and breads.

“The funky sandwiches were just created with our customers, we got creative,” she said.

TKB Deli is right off the I-10 on Golf Center Parkway in Indio.

Once you have a solid base, you need to know your layers, and keep adding to it.

“They don’t want us to be robots. They love that we know their name, where they’re from, we have fun with them.” Sippel said.

Once that number four in the country Yelp rating came out, “The aftermath, the media, news people, calling on phone. Shock afterwards,” Sippel said.

Lines out the door, all to see- or taste – for themselves: a famous finished product, topped off with the perfect name.

“The kids business,” Sippel said.

TKB tells us they eventually hope to open another shop in Los Angeles.

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