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New law could contribute to longer DMV wait times

More than 25 thousand undocumented immigrants have applied for a drivers license in January. It has led to overcrowding in some DMV offices.

Virginia Linder has visited the DMV in Palm Desert six times to renew her drivers license.

“It’s very time consuming,” said Linder. “And very frustrating.”

She tried to make an appointment online, but wasn’t able to get on until March. Other people we talked with experienced the same.

“I got slated for March 19th which is way too long to replace a drivers license,” said Jonathan Castello of Indio.

The reason for the wait could be AB60 — the new California state law that allowed undocumented immigrants to apply for a drivers license. It’s driven thousands to visit DMVs across the state. Another reason could be a new requirement that anyone who applies for their original drivers license must have an appointment.

“I decided to come early because it’s a lot easier to come here than to wait for the appointment,” explained Castello.

People without an appointment told us they waited anywhere from one to two hours. Those with an appointment were in and out much more quickly.

Although the DMV in Palm Desert does not have appointments available until March, the office in Palm Springs has openings as early as February.

KESQ News Team


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