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First flying club in Coachella Valley takes off

Pilots in the Coachella Valley can now join the first not-for-profit flying club in the area, giving them a chance to fly without having to own a plane.

Palm Springs Aviators, Inc. is a flying club that started in late 2014.

“Flying clubs are kind of the new next generation of general aviation, giving a shared experience, says Kent Pramhus, President of Palm Springs Aviators. “It shares the cost and gives everybody more access to better airplanes for less money,” says Pramhus.

Club organizers say there is no other place at Palm Springs Airport to rent a plane.

“It makes flying much more affordable compared to owning your own aircraft,” says Brian Carr, Vice President of Palm Springs Aviation. Carr is also a licensed flight instructor.

“There’s a lot of people who are interested in getting to learn to fly again, hopefully we can get enough members so we can add a trainer aircraft to the club and accommodate some of those students,” says Carr.

“Currently we require a private pilot license or better, we can do some training for the advanced ratings, but basically we are looking for people who are already certified as pilots,” says Pramhus.

There is a $500 buy in along with monthly dues and rental fees. To see everything they have to offer check out their Facebook page and website.


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