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Student approached by 2 suspicious men prompts letter to parents

Palm Springs Unified School District administrators are warning parents and students about stranger danger.

A letter was sent out to all schools in the district last week after the district received a call about an incident in Cathedral City.

The letter says a James Workman Middle School student was walking home from school last Monday along Avenida Ximino when the child was approached by two men in a van she didn’t know.

The white van had tape on its windows.

The student was not hurt, and Cathedral City Police were investigating.

The letter also asked parents to discuss with their children what to do if they are approached by a stranger.

If your children walk to and from school, you should try to either walk with them or have them walk in a group.

It is also important to instruct them to walk immediately to school and walk immediately home without delay.

The letter also reminded parents and guardians to arrive on time to pick up their children after school.

The district made no notification to local media about the incident, or letter, until contacted by News Channel 3 / CBS Local 2 News.

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