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Young boy says “Jason Brock” asked him to model

Marcel Becker of Desert Hot Springs was just 13 years old when he says he was approached by a man at Frank Hodge Skate Park in Desert Hot Springs. The man handed him a modeling agency business card and asked to photograph him for a skateboarding team.

“He said, ‘What I do is I get clothes and we take photographs of you.’ And I said so you don’t want me on the team you want me to model for you? And then he’s like, ‘yeah,'” Becker recalled.

We showed Becker the photographs of John David Yoder, William Clyde Thompson and Erick Monsivais. He said the man who approached him at the park looked like Thompson.

“That matches him. It was this guy,” Becker said pointing to Thompson’s picture.

Investigators say Thompson was one of the men who solicited young boys at Desert Hot Springs skate parks to do modeling, often using the alias “Jason Brock.” Brock is the name on the business card given to Becker.

Becker said that he recalls Thompson was with another young boy.

“He said, ‘He just takes me to do pictures.’ And I’m like what kind and he’s like, ‘Last time we took underwear pictures,'” Becker said of his conversation with the young boy at the skate park. “And that’s where I got it these guys are sketch.”

Becker brought the business card home to his grandmother, Dolores Becker, who kept it, wondering if she should contact police.

“It’s creepy it makes me want to accompany him to the skate park every single day,” Dolores said.

When reports of the child pornography ring emerged, they were floored. One of the other men accused, John Yoder, lives down the street from them and worked at Marcel’s middle school.

“I’ve known that guy from past experiences and I don’t like being around him. I always knew there was something creepy about him,” Marcel said.

“You think you know your neighbors and you don’t,” Dolores said. “It makes me feel really uneasy, extremely uneasy.”

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