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A look at last minute Academy Awards Preparations

Since the beginning of this week it’s been nothing but hammers and nails.

But, come Sunday night, it’s going to be nothing but glitz and glamour.

For eager fans, from Palm Springs to China, they could care less about the nuts and bolts laying around.

“It’s covered in something but it still the red carpet!” one fan told us.

What excited fans watch on television is seamless but behind the scenes as a whole other story. A man who grew up in Palm Springs plays a key role in keeping the red carpet rolling.

“Jokingly I kind of refer it as daycare for adults,” John Stewart said.

We talked to John Stewart : the arrivals stage manager for the Oscars red carpet and dad to famous actress, Kristen Stewart.

Took a moment to talk to us.

“It’s my job to coordinate the flow of the interviews in their publicist making sure there at the right stages,” he said.

Pretty thrilling to see nothing but calm coming from a man in the heart of the chaos. And as if we needed another reason to like him…

“I grew up in Palm Springs. Palm Springs used to be our spring break spot a lot of golf down there Rancho Mirage is awesome.”

He talked to us about the thrill of his job. “Seconds from live you still get a little bit of a butterflies, surge of adrenaline and you adore the fact that you work in showbiz and don’t have a real job.”

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