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CVWD explains cloudy drinking water in La Quinta

A small amount of La Quinta residents woke up Friday morning to cloudy drinking water that had a strong odor of chlorine.

News Channel 3 and CBS Local 2 spoke to officials with the Coachella Valley Water District and they said the water is safe to drink, it was just the effect of excess air being distributed into one of their well sites.

According to Heather Engel with the water district, an air compressor somehow got stuck in the open position so a larger amount of air than normal was put into the water supply. Crews made the discovery around 1 a.m. and worked throughout the night to make repairs.

Engel said the air compressor was fixed by 11 a.m. Friday but nothing was actually wrong with the water supply. It was just excess air so it is safe to drink and use.

The water was only distributed to a small amount of residents living in the area between Adams Street and Dune Palms Road, and between Fred Waring Drive and Miles Avenue.

Some residents complained about a strong scent of chlorine coming from the water. Engel said there is a small, safe amount of chlorine in drinking water but the excess air increased the odor, making it seem more significant than typical drinking water.

CVWD officials said the open air compressor isn’t a common occurrence and crews were investigating the cause.

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