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Cell phone towers worry parents for children’s safety

Parents gathered at a public forum held at the Palm Desert Oasis Church pushing to stop the anticipated construction of an AT&T cell phone tower, replacing the church’s steeple. The cell phone tower will be located near the Desert Adventist Academy & Boehm Child Development Center.

We’re told by a parent that 50% of students have yet to be re-enrolled for the fall at one of the two schools located at the church. Some teachers also have plans to resign at the end of the school year.

“There’s no way that we’re going to keep our child here. We’re going to go to another school, and hopefully they won’t put another cell phone tower on top of that school,” we’re told by one of the parents, Snahl Jardosh.

The American Cancer Society reports very little evidence to support the idea cell phone towers cause cancer. Parents argue not enough research has been done.

“We as parents don’t feel that there’s enough evidence to show that it’s safe for our children,” says Kate Bates, parent of a child at the Desert Adventist Academy.

An AT&T representative says building a cell tower could benefit the whole community by improving customer wireless call quality and reliability, including emergency 911 calls. Parents think the cell phone tower’s installation is simply a financial move for the church.

The deal was struck between church leaders and the phone carrier in 2014. Construction has been postponed since we initially reported the story in March. A new date has yet to be released.

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