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American flags display opens in Cathedral City

Hundreds gathered Sunday morning to set out thousands of American flags in Cathedral City. Each representing a fallen hero.

For retired Air Force Captain Robert Adams days like Sunday remind him of how lucky he is to be alive.

“It’s really important to me because I was over there flying the B1 bomber. Protecting the guys on the ground, and I saw a lot of guys going home in airplanes in caskets and it means a lot to know I’m still protecting their families,” Adams said.

He said the number of flags representing someone who passed speaks volumes.

“It’s saddening and disheartening and there’s still people coming home today and more flags going up and we need to keep doing what we can do to make sure the families are cared for,” Adams said.

This is the 12 year the Cathedral City Roatary Club has hosted this event.

“When you come just on an afternoon or morning and you walk amongst the flags, the beautiful colors of our flag, the green grass, the blue sky, aesthetically its a great memorial for them because of it’s beauty,” Robert Denebeim President of Cathedral City Rotary Club said.

The annual event brining out volunteers of all ages to help place the flags around Patriot Park.

“They learn what it’s like to help serve our community. They learn the power of hard work and they also learn to show their respect for our red white and blue,” said cub scout leader Jennifer Trousdale.

The Healing Field will run through November 12.

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