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FPPC proposes fine for Indio Councilmember Glenn Miller

The Fair Political Practices Commission of California proposed a fine to Indio city councilmember Glenn Miller for failing to meet a state deadline.

During the June 3, 2014 primary elections, the committee to elect Glenn Miller to the State Senate in 2014 was his candidate-controlled committee.

The Committee, Glenn Miller and his Committee’s treasurer, Steffani Miller failed to timely file twenty 24-Hour Reports, in violation of Government Code Section 84203 (20 counts).

The total proposed penalty by the FPPC was $4,825.

We reached out to councilmember Glenn Miller and he issued this statement :

“We reached an agreement with the FPPC because my treasurer was more familiar with local reporting deadlines than State deadlines.

All information was reported on paper and by electronic copies of all reports. The fine was because my treasurer didn’t realize donations over $1000 had to be reported electronically within 24 hours, 90 days before a State election.

The matter is now closed.” – Statement by Glenn Miller

The FPCC will vote on the matter next week. Until then it is the settlement is pending.

KESQ News Team


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