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Palm Springs considering retractable traffic barriers downtown

The city of Palm Springs believes the key to a safer downtown starts underground. Retractable steel bollards are becoming common across big cities to prevent a car from plowing into pedestrians.

Palm Springs is the latest city to propose installing retractable steel bollards in the downtown area.

“You don’t know what going to happen, things have changed the world has changed, it’s money well spent,” said Tim Duffy, a Palm Springs resident.

Approved in October, the city of Palm Springs said the project will cost taxpayers around a quarter of $1 million.

“The cost of this is necessary because we want to maintain a safe place for residents and visitors alike to enjoy downtown,” said Marcus Fuller, Palm Springs Assistant City Manager.

“I think it’s a great thing to do and I think if we have to pay taxes on something that’s something that we should put our money towards,” said Shelly Miller, manager at Lady Lulu in Palm Springs.

The move comes amid recent terror attacks across the globe where terrorists have used cars as a weapon.

“We feel sort of isolated and insulated from that type of activity living in Palm Springs. I think with that now becoming more commonplace its good that they’re taking action,” Duffy said..

“You never know what people are going to do, they’re unpredictable nowadays and the more you can keep us safe the better,” Miller said.

Bidding is open on the project to any company across California.

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