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Student Athlete of the Week – Armando Deniz

Coachella Valley quarterback Armando Deniz is the heart and soul of the Arabs. The senior signal caller saved his best season for last as he and and his teammates picked up their first league title in 40 years.


The Coachella Valley football team have found themselves down in the 2nd half multiple times this season. Things not going the way of the green and gold, but have no fear Armando Deniz is here. Both his right arm, his legs, but most importantly his heart.

“My goal is to keep every single player in the game, always in it, nothings impossible and we’re going to try and win.” Armando Deniz said.

“He likes those moments which is a rare thing for an athletes, even the best ones sometimes don’t want the ball when the game is on the line but he sure does.” Head Coach Brett Davis said.

Not accepting no for an answer.

“Embrace the role and really helped paved this way to where we are at right now.” Davis said.

“I don’t like to lose.” Deniz said.

They have won a whole lot more than they have lost with #1 running the show. Last year 7-4 and a playoff berth and this year 9-2, changing the football culture at Coachella Valley.

“That has been my dream and goal since freshman year, to make a difference.” The student athlete of the week said.

He’s got even bigger goals for these coming weeks.

“This year if we win a CIF Championship I think it will make an even bigger difference.”

A good coach and a strong leader at quarterback, we’re about to find out if this team has what it takes.

KESQ News Team


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