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18 dogs seized from Jurupa Valley property

18 dogs were seized by animal control officers from a property in Jurupa Valley Monday afternoon.

A 7-year-old female terrier mix required pain medications and other treatments after being attacked by other dogs at the property.

The sound of the commotion caused a concerned resident to call animal services.

Riverside County Animal Services officers attempted to contact the owner of the property after seeing the injured terrier but could not reach them.

An officer noticed five other dogs living in “horrid conditions.”

According to a press release by the Department of Animal Services, the five dogs were crammed into a wire crate standing in their own feces. Other dogs were matted, suffered severe
eye trauma, and some had feces stuck in their terribly matted coats.

After seeing these conditions, officers seized all the dogs in the property and left a note for the owner to contact animal services, but the owner has not done so at this time.

All the dogs received medical treatment and had their matted coats trimmed and bathed.

“One of the dogs had mud caked in its eyes so badly, it was the worst such case I’ve seen in my career,” said Veterinary Dr. Karen Moreland.

Commander Chris Mayer said his officers have not heard from the property owner and are attempting to find out more about what led to such deplorable conditions.

The animals are identified as confiscated pets and are not currently available for adoption.

An animal cruelty investigation has been opened.

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