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Intuitive Medium Char Margolis takes clients on intuition retreat

People come to the desert for many different reasons. Some come for its beauty, others come to heal and some come to get in touch with their own intuition.

Char Margolis said she has been helping people connect with their deceased loved ones her whole life.

“My hope for everyone who comes to my retreat is they find healing in it, they become empowered. We create most of our destiny by the choices we make. So when they understand that, they have an intuition that guides them. They can prevent problems and attain goals. And from what I’ve found, it helps them do this in their daily lives,” Margolis said.

The medium is inviting clients to the desert for a weekend of finding balance and inner peace. Marsha Vaughan said she was looking for a change.

“I am in a major transition, and this has been the portal for me to enter this huge, exciting new stage of my life,” Vaughan said.

Marsha Hall said she came on the retreat because she loves Char.

“She has been a light in my life that I never thought that I would be able to reach out to. And once I did, everything else opened up for me,” Hall said.

One of the places Char always brings her guests is the Integratron.

“To be intuitive you have to be balanced, and I find going to the Integratron and going through the chakras and the sound bath that they do, vibrational helps balance all our chakras,” Margolis said.

Her guests are taking part in a sound bath in the one-of-a-kind all wooden dome and sharing what they experienced.

“Like nothing I could ever put proper words to. Like nothing I’ve ever experienced,” Vaughan said.

“Angelic. I felt very much at one with the heavens here on earth,” Hall said.

This historic structure is the final destination on a weekend full of healing for visitors.

Char will be doing audience reading Friday, December 8 and teaching an intuition workshop December 9.

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