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Palm Springs hotel unable to receive calls for over a week

Imagine it’s your business’ busiest season and no one can call you. That’s the case for the Ivy Palm Hotel in Palm Springs.

The general manager says their phones being down for 9 days is simply bad for business.

“Welcome to Verizon Wireless. The number you’ve dialed has been changed, disconnected or is no longer in service.” This is the message that is greeting callers to the Ivy Palm Hotel in Palm Springs for the last nine days, leaving hotel staff unable to take reservations over the phone.

“We were not sold out last weekend and it was the first weekend. It’s quite a few that we’ve not been sold. Now here comes thanksgiving in only 3 days and were only half booked and we should be sold out. So we’re losing money like crazy,” said Robert Frost, general manager of the hotel.

Verizon’s business branch frontier provides the telephone service to the hotel, Frost said they’ve been less than helpful.

“We did our duty. We called them, we reported the outage, they did nothing. So they send someone out here, very good but if you don’t resolve the issue, you don’t go home and go to bed,” Frost said.

Frost and the rest of the staff said they created several work tickets with Frontier after confirming that they’re current on their phone bill.

“Very frustrating. Extremely frustrating. Business is a little tough as it is already. New hotels opening up in Palm Springs. You know everyone sort of fights for what they can get,” Frost said. “If Frontier doesn’t want to do their job, then they need to get out of the phone business. Pure and simple.”

We called Frontier Monday and were transferred to the marketing department, who told us to leave an email and received no comment on the issue. We’ll keep you update on if the phones come back online.

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