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Tips to avoid getting your “Cyber Monday” packages stolen

While Cyber Monday means online shopping, it also means some real-life packages coming to your door.

“Customers think a lot about their packages and they can’t be home all the time” said Penny Anderson, of the UPS Store in Palm Springs.

Employees of the UPS Store say that if you’re concerned about holiday presents being stolen before you can give them, the best option is to get a mailbox with them.

“The best idea is to get a mailbox with us because we can accept packages from all carriers,” Anderson said.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re ordering from Amazon, eBay, or any online retailer, the UPS store and other packaging companies can keep your gifts safe.

“The UPS Store is a safe place to have your packages sent to, if you have a mail box with us there’s no extra cost,” said Christine Tringali-Nunes, store manager of the UPS Store in Palm Springs.

USA today says 30% of Americans have had packages stolen off their front porch during the holiday season. UPS is trying to counter this with their service “MyChoice.”

“‘MyChoice’ allows you to divert your packages to your local ups store, and it will even email you when it arrives,” Anderson said.

The Palm Springs Police Department says to monitor your tracking numbers and try to leave packages waiting in front of your home for as little time as possible.

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