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Student Athlete of the Week – Marques Prior

Not only is senior Marques Prior the heart and soul of Rancho Mirage, but he can be considered the founder of Rattlers football.

In Prior’s freshman year it was the first year that this program played varsity and over the next four years he played in every single game and was a huge part in every single win.

“It really makes you appreciate winning and stuff like that after starting 1-9 and it’s good to start something new and be able to build it and make it a successful program and stuff like that,” said Prior.

They finished just 1-9 that freshman year so Prior and company kept trusting the process and now two special seasons to finish his career and this year rushing over 150 yards a game. So you’d think the colleges would be all over this local superstar. But just like he had to do as a freshman – just having to keep trusting the process.

“I haven’t got any offers yet but I’ve talked to a couple schools and contact them and just have to be patient with it,” said Prior.

So from the kid on the line to tucking behind the big boys on the line.

“In 6th grade I used to play left guard because I was really chubby and fat.”

And he is willing to share the love.

“Without them I wouldn’t have broken the records I broke and without them I wouldn’t have the success I had. Honestly, they don’t get any praise at all but they deserve it all.”

A good head on his shoulders and a bright future.

“Somewhere in the business field possibly management or marketing. If that’s what when I get to college that’s good for me but I might be a math major because I’m good with numbers and like math.”

Reporting from Rancho Mirage, Cody Krupp.

KESQ News Team


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