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Coachella’s Citlalli Ortiz going for boxing gold at 2020 Olympics

Coachella native Citlalli Ortiz is one of the top young boxers in the country and is looking to represent USA at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.


ANNOUNCER: “The winner by points in a split decision in the red corner representing USA!”

It took a 30 hour flight to India but Citlalli Ortiz became a World Amateur Champion.

“The only one to bring back a gold medal for USA, the last hope they had,” said Ortiz.

ANNOUNCER: “From Coachella in California, 5’3 inches, very powerful girl.”

The 17-year-old Coachella Valley High School student became the first local female to ever bring home a gold.

“I knew I was going to go and do my job but other people did not have those expectations. There was 4-girls on the team that was guaranteed gold, but I wasn’t one of them but ended up being the only one.” Ortiz said.

The first boxer to ever to do so in the 38-years of the Lee Espinoza Boxing Club right here in the Coachella.

“First one we have here, I have been doing this for 38-years, 39 almost.” Lee Espinoza said.

“I was really excited, really happy. I knew I would make people proud by winning this and that was the main goal.” Ortiz said.

From 8-years-old she has been slugging away, but it took her sister showing her the way.

“I would go up there and get beatings from her. I would always cry, always get mad, not one day that I didn’t come out crying. Believe that she would always beat me but after her I didn’t take any beatings from anybody.” Ortiz said.

“She cried, she used to cry a lot. Every time we put her in she cried cause she wanted to beat her sister.” Espinoza said.

It pointed her right in the direction of Japan come 2020.

“Almost 99 percent that if she doesn’t fall in love or something I am 100 percent she will take the next gold medal in Japan.” Espinoza added.

“In the future I will do what I can to qualify for those Tokyo 2020 Olympics.” Ortiz said.

You can bet her classmates know who not to mess with.

“They know that if they needed someone to back them up that I am the girl to call. Ortiz finished.

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