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Brandini Toffee ramping up production to fill holiday orders

One local business is ramping up it’s production to fill all those holiday orders. Brandini Toffee in Rancho Mirage is working around the clock with it’s 20 plus hour workdays.

Co-founder Brandon Weimer says the holidays are everything for his business, and usually hires extra workers to have the 20 hour workdays and meet the demands of customers.

He said the business has come a long way from being a way to raise money for a class trip to Italy to being featured on a national scale on the Home Shopping Network.

Weimer said the holiday season was perhaps the busiest time of year for his business.

“I always say if it’s not busy in the holidays here, we’d have a serious problem,” he said. “It’s about half of our revenue comes from October, November and December and it;s always been that way I think toffee is synonymous with the holiday season, so it’s essential for us to thrive.”

The toffee is available at shops in Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs, and in Cabazon at the Desert Hills Premium Outlets.

KESQ News Team


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