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Covered California bus makes stop in Palm Springs

Covered California unveiled a mural outside Desert Regional Medical Center Wednesday that it hopes encourages the community to sign up for low-cost health care.

This Friday, Dec. 15, is the deadline to sign up under the Affordable Care Act through Covered California and have coverage active on Jan. 1.

“There’s 16 murals across the state, from Redding to San Diego and here in Palm Springs. Our goal is to bring home two messages. First, health is about more than showing up at the doctor’s office. Second, it’s about Covered California being woven into the local community. This mural is going to be here for years to come and so is Covered California,” said Peter Lee, executive director of Covered California.

Californians still have the option of enrolling through Covered California until Jan.31. California is one of only a handful of states to operate its own website, and has a later deadline.

“This open enrollment period is actually confusing some people,” said Lee. “Because they’re hearing nationally, open enrollment is going to be done in December. But open enrollment in California is going to be open all the way through January. Now’s the time to get covered.”

The Congressional Budget Office forecasts enrollment at 11 million people for 2018. Through the week that ended Saturday, 4.68 million people had signed up for coverage for next year. More than 1.09 million peopled signed up just last week.

“We have a dedicated group of counselors to help people enroll, guide them through the process,” said Mitch Blumberg, the vice chair of the Governing Board for Desert Regional Medical Center. “Today, of course, we’ve been selected as the only place in the Coachella Valley to have a mural that Covered California is doing throughout the state.”

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